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Cantatestraat 8, 6248DG, Arnhem
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What I do.

I design the conditions for valuable interactions within the public space, by finding elegant solutions for spatial problems.


My story

My design ethos is based on the idea that our surroundings have a substantial effect on our psychological and physical well-being. Combining materials and planting to change our surroundings is, in my opinion, a never ending search for our place in the natural world. We have always done this but our knowledge of the world and our desires constantly change, and therefore our public spaces must evolve with them. As a designer I’m endlessly fascinated to discover the reasoning for our choices, because our physical surroundings tell us something about the time we live in and who we are or aspire to be as human beings.

Born in Nyon Switzerland in the middle of the winter of 1991, and moved to Belgium when I was four years old. Here I spend most of my childhood in the garden of my parents. The motivation to create fictional worlds in my imagination manifested from a young age, and the choice to focus on an eduction in design wasn’t difficult to make.

A sensibility for atmosphere, and the gift to visualise ideas and make them tangible, characterise me as a designer. It’s a life-long dream to collaborate with urban planners, architects, nurseries, artists and other craftsmen to design and build spaces with a soul. Natural materials and a sober elegance are the foundations of my work. Originally from Antwerp but now living and working in Arnhem, I design and build projects throughout Belgium and the Netherlands.

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