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Landscape Urban planning
januari 23, 2020


Ongoing urbanisation threatens the landscape around Groesbeek and the different natural qualities that the landscape has to offer. As a designer I try to work with these seemingly negative developments and turn them around to have a positive impact on the landscape. I don’t believe in the attitude of forcefully protecting the landscape because it’s not in integral way of designing resilience. Rather I would like to see the landscape and it’s occupation grow in harmony and effect each other positively.

  • Client

    Gemeente Groesbeek

  • Time span

    Sep 2019 - Jan 2020

  • Location


  • Status


  • Budget


  • Size


  • Type

    Landscape, Urban planning

Spreading urban fabric across the landscape would mean the disappearance of a wealth of nature and experiences. Guiding the proces of urbanisation and capitalising on the existing conditions ensures the a harmonious co-existence between the build and the unbuild. The radial structure is basis for the transformation.  

Self-sufficient enclaves form new nodules in the landscape. Every enclave has a low footprint, takes care of its own water-supply and food source. 

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