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Landscape Strategy Urban planning
maart 2, 2022


Although much of the once romantic landscape of the Kromme Rijn is lost due to different developments there are many remaining qualities that give this landscape its differentiating character. I see a landscape with a high diversity of types of nature and experiences. Large area’s of nature reserves mixed and complimented with a new sustainable farming system. An urban fabric that protects the existing qualities instead of threatening them. Above all there is a legibility issue that plagues this landscape. Many different developments without a clear framework lead to ongoing fragmentation of the landscape resulting in a jumble and loss in systemic values. A new vision on the organisation of the landscape is needed to make the landscape legible and be the link between the different surrounding landscape like the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. It needs to be flexible enough to give place to future developments and prioritise liveability within the region. A landscape that seeks the connection in the complexity.

  • Time Span

    Sep 2021 - current

  • Location

    Regio Utrecht, Netherlands

  • Status


  • Budget


  • Size


  • Type


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