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april 13, 2020

Urban fabric Amersfoort

Cities are humankind’s greatest invention according to Ben Wilson. They are the catalyst for our civilisation as we know it today. The density of people and interactions breeds creativity and innovation. By analysing the city of Amersfoort an effort has been made to comprehend the complex dynamics that make a city work by deconstructing the city in parts and looking at its evolution in time.

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    Feb 2020 - Apr 2020

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The research culminated in a book showing the city as an always changing organism adapting to the zeitgeist. Analysing first the city in its context and how the city works as a system, before diving in and taking the city apart neighbourhood for neighbourhood finding patterns.

Water and green are telling the story of the landscape and history of the city. Connection to the surrounding landscape is established by ‘green fingers’ reaching far into the heart of the city. The watersystem takes advantage of natural height differences and the water becomes more visible in the northern part of the city due to the high waterlevels.

From the oldest parts of the historic city centre to the newest neighboorhoods in the north the cities evolution became clear by understanding the history of the city, the architecture, street profiles and even the differences in parks throughout the city. Amersfoort is looking back it’s past and implement element form the historic city centre in it’s newest part to find coherence in it’s urban fabric.

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